WHy dO YOu WanT tO Be StrOnG? >>>>>Aya vs Maya Official Fanlist<<<<<


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AYA versus MAYA

This fanlisting in particular is about the rivalry between the two fighter sisters Aya and Maya Natsume, the main female characters in the manga (and anime) Tenjou Tenge.

Aya is the younger, black-haired one (though in the anime adaptation her hair is blondish ^^;;) : she is more spontaneous than her sister and somewhat childish, and she's sincerely in love with Soichiro. Aya, although at the very beginning of the story may seem weaker than Maya, has a mighty hidden power that needs to be awaken, fully developed and controlled.

Maya, on the other hand, is the elder sister and the head of Juken club. She looks more mature and a bit cold, but she suffers from her dark past. She's the only child in the Natsume family (also including their deceased brother Shin *__*) without the Dragon's Eye. Being aware of this "weakness", she has undergone strenuous exertion for years in order to master many fighting techniques.