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Both in East and West, Kaoru Mori is best known for her popular manga series set in Victorian England, Emma (also known as Emma: A Victorian Romance). Going all out portraying the time period she loves, Mori was praised for the authenticity of her work, but also for her art and storytelling skills that only improved as the series progressed. Nowadays she's known as a seinen mangaka whose works are filled with the beauty of everyday life of her characters.

After Emma, Mori moved her attention from Victorian England to Middle East, yet again introducing a world very different yet very similar to her reader's with astounding detail. Otoyomegatari tells the story of young Amira, who is sent from her village to a village nearby to become the wife of 12-year-old Karluk. In Otoyomegatari you can see Mori's storytelling skills blossom and the artwork is a great treat for the eyes on every page, making the series something everyone should read if only for the detailed and beautiful art.

Otoyomegatari is still being serialized, and is published in Fellows! magazine every two months. The manga is licensed in English in North America by Yen Press. review by Kata

Further notes
Otoyomegatari is published in Italy by J-Pop under the title I giorni della sposa and in France as Bride Stories by Ki-oon.
As of 2018, 10 volumes have been published.
NEW! Volume 11 out in Japan on 15 December 2018.